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North East Satellite Applications Centre of Excellence

The Centre helps organisations to solve problems and open up opportunities using satellite data and technology, e.g., better management of assets, earlier warnings of floods, more accurate information on condition monitoring, etc., all leading to more efficient use of resources, more market opportunities and a better quality of life.

The Centre helps businesses to exploit the use of satellite data, technology and applications to gain a competitive advantage in a global market – we are interested in hearing from organisations already in the space sector but also from those which have the potential to work in the space and satellite sector but have not yet investigated what market opportunities this might mean.

Key sectors include:

  1. Offshore oil, gas and renewable technologies
  2. Transport and logistics
  3. Software and applications development

We provide assistance to organisations via one to one support, events, and Engage, an intensive deep-dive service that can radically re-frame “problems” and make them into opportunities.

Our overarching theme is using satellite applications to create a safer world, including sustainable living and climate change, security of supply chains, building resilience in infrastructure and assets, and much, much more. If this sounds like you, then contact us now.