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South Coast Centre of Excellence in Satellite Applications

The South Coast Centre of Excellence in Satellite Applications grows business investment by expanding the community of businesses investing in collaborative projects using satellite services (Communications, Navigations & Earth Observation) and data analytics, ultimately leading to an expanding portfolio of new products and services across a variety of application sectors.

In this way, the Centre will innovate projects across multiple organisations and embed them within collaborative projects that develop novel satellite applications and their underpinning technologies.

The Centre will engage with all businesses to exploit the use of satellite data, technology and parallel applications, such as autonomous data systems and data processing/web services, in order to allow them to gain a competitive advantage in a global market. Key market areas include:

  • Marine
  • Transport and logistics
  • Agri-tech
  • Renewables
  • Manufacturing

The Centre works with businesses wanting help and advice to break into the satellite applications industry and aims to offer funding, information and network opportunities in order to minimise innovation risk for SMEs.